The transport considerations of plate compactor

2013-07-09 11:22:07

In the using of internal combustion plate compactor,moving a small distance or long-distance transport plate compactor of plate compactor is a very common thing, this part there are very important issues can not be ignored. We use the plate compactor often fails because there is no attention to these details caused, so pay attention to the following matters will make your machine high attendance, maintenance costs low.

Plate compactor mobile best not to have too much tilt. The plate compactor from the car moving down, tilt handling plate compactor is a very common phenomenon, we often do not return noted that the most proper methods of handling is flat on the lower level. Shipped with a trolley, walking trolley tilt ram plate tilted by more than the limits. In short, the inclined transport crankcase lubricating oil will flow into the engine can not start properly manipulation carburetor, more even flow into the cylinder so that the oil can not rotate the crankshaft.

Transportation instability caused by tamping plate placed overturning. For various reasons we will actually not safe plate compactor on the place, transport turbulence caused by the body roll, the rational design of ram plate, most will not cause damage to the body shape and structure, but it will certainly crankcase lubricants overflow to the cylinder and the carburetor. The accident at the oil intake and exhaust valves produce coke, speed valve train damage.

Kick start in the form of the engine, move the carriage in front, hand pull starter handle, rotate the crankshaft stop when there is a certain resistance. This is the top of the cylinder piston moves, while closing the intake and exhaust valves, plate compactor moves crankcase oil no longer flows into the cylinder and the carburetor.