The function of painting concrete mixer

2013-08-06 14:18:08

No matter what type of concrete mixer, concrete mixer manufacturers will spray painted, following a brief introduction concrete mixer paint effect.

Concrete mixers paint generally has the following three functions:

First, you can play a concrete mixer corrosion, rust effect. Concrete mixers are made ​​of steel, steel long-term exposure to air is very easy to rust, it is very easy to be corroded, corrosion or rust, then even if timely treatment is also on the concrete mixer has some impact, but is very troublesome to deal with these, we use concrete mixer is to make it to our convenience. Give concrete mixer spray a layer of paint just to solve the above problems, the paint will be separated from the steel and air, is a layer of a good layer of protection, so that the machine is not easy to rust or corrode!

The second reason is that it gives concrete mixer beautiful, beautiful appearance although no real quality to the reality, but with a beautiful appearance plus the good quality makes concrete mixer more likable. Steel is no variety of colors, looks very beautiful, the user can be painted according to their preferences, will make concrete mixer overall more beautiful!

The third reason is environmental protection, paint later, greatly slowing the loss of concrete mixers extent to which the use of time more long-term, but also eliminates the pungent odor of steel, iron and steel materials to reduce waste.