The operational processes of tamping rammer

2013-06-28 11:06:23

Vibration tamping rammer should be adapted to clay, sand and gravel and other bulk materials, compaction, not in the concrete pavement and other hard ground operations.

Focus on examination of the project before the job should meet the following requirements:

1) Well-connected parts, no loose;
2) Internal combustion tamping rammer have enough oil, throttle control flexible rotation;
3) Shock tamping rammer have reliable access to zero or ground the cable surface insulation is good.

1. After starting the internal combustion tamping rammer, engine should idle 3 ~ 5min, then gradually increase the throttle until the tamping machine beating stable only after the operation.
2. Electric tamping rammer start connecting the power, you should check the motor rotation direction, there is an error when switching phase.
3. Operations should correctly grasp the tamping rammer machine, not tilted, hand should grip too tight, can control tamping machine forward speed can be.
4. Normal operation shall not press down hard hand, tamping machines affect jump height. In the more loose filler job or uphill when the handle slightly downward pressure, tamping machines and should be able to increase forward speed.
5. The need to increase the density of the place can be controlled via hand tamping machine in place repeated compaction.
6. According to operational requirements, internal combustion tamping rammer should be the size by adjusting the throttle in a certain range of changes made tamping machine vibration frequency.
Internal combustion tamping rammer should not be under continuous operation at high speeds. In an internal combustion engine at high speed may not suddenly stop.
7. Electric tamping rammer should be fitted with earth leakage protection device, the operator must wear insulated gloves, wear insulated shoes. Operation, the cable should not be pulled too tight, you should always check the thread to install, not loose and cause leakage. Rain prohibited jobs. Operation, when tamping rammer abnormal sound, immediately stop checking.
9. When the short-distance transfer should be first tamping rammer handle slightly lifted up, the transport wheels mounted tamping rammer hooks inside, and then pressing the handle so that the center of gravity backward, before transferring to promote hand tamping rammer.
10. Job, should be cleared of silt and attachments tamping board, tamping machine to keep clean and well kept.