The operation steps of steel bar bending machine

2013-09-02 11:36:37

As is known to all, reinforcing steel bar is indispensable material when constructing buildings, because of its special role, so need not only straight when using, need to bend. Steel bar bending machine is the changing structure of reinforced bending of a device. How to operate steel bar bending machine?

First of all, to prepare before use. Check the mechanical properties of steel bar bending machine are in good condition, including the workbench and bending machine face whether level. Then packed as required core shaft, forming shaft, block iron shaft or variable gear rack. Before the final idle machine to ensure the core shaft, block, wheel in good condition.

Second in the job, from a security perspective, it is forbidden to replace steel bar bending machine spindle Angle and speed, and the transformation of equipment maintenance and safety consideration, it is forbidden to processing more than mechanical regulation of steel bar diameter, root number and machine speed. To bend good semi-finished products should be neatly stacked, hook up is not allowed to prevent safety accidents.

Finally, after using should clean up the scene, reinforcing steel bar is a bigger material hardness, if do not handle in time, small scratches, personal safety is threatened.