Note concrete mixer used

2013-05-21 15:09:38

(1) new machine should be in accordance with the requirements of the concrete mixer manual, various systems and components one by one inspection and commissioning. Empty running, check the mixing tube or mixing blade rotation direction, the operation of the device, braking, confirm the normal before operating.
(2) fixed concrete mixer should be installed on a solid pedestal. When the long-term use should be embedded anchor bolts; such as short-term use, the laying of sleepers and find a flat and stable base.
(3) For mobile concrete mixer should be installed in a flat, hard to aerodromes with sawn timber or bracket frame firmly, and keep the horizontal plane tire from the force. If you use more than three months, you should remove the tire the safekeeping axle ends should be prepared to clean rust.
(4) located on some of the need to dig the hopper pit mixer, the Hang Hau should be boosted around lay a solid foundation to prevent surface water flowing into the pit. Feeding track frame at the bottom of the bearing surface shall be compaction or paving, the back of the frame should also be supporting wood, prevent the deformation of the track work.
(5) after the start of the concrete mixer, the mixing tube up to speed on the material, add water after feeding; add new material must first be carried out only after all the original concrete mixer unloading. Not half-way down or full-load starting mixers, except reversal discharging.
(6) in the concrete mixer in use, do not sand to fall into the part of the operation of the machine, damage to moving parts so as not to get stuck. On bucket elevator bucket under can not someone through or staying, so as not to brake failure accident. Will be in the bucket to repair or clean-up work, forced to shut down and braced hopper with the insurance chain.