New concrete mixer considerations before use

2013-09-28 10:52:48

When the new concrete mixer is bought, can immediately for production? For this problem, a concrete mixer to operating personnel will know, in the device within a period, more need to be aware of items, such as can't work overload, before using concrete mixer of new equipment, to be more frequent maintenance, etc., so as to better ensure the concrete mixer in use in the future, the incidence of failure is less.

New machine before use should be in accordance with the specification of concrete mixer machine, all kinds of inspection system needs according to the necessary testing tasks. Empty tasks, check the mixing barrel or mixing blade change direction and mission equipment, brake operation, confessed before normal operation.

Stationary concrete mixer, should be installed on a solid base. Long efforts, the bolt using the land should be embedded, such as short-term use, laid sleepers, found that lie flat and stable base. Portable concrete mixer should be installed on the merger of ping ping firmly adhere to the horizontal plane square bracket box tire force. If you use beyond the work of more than three months, you should remove the shaft end tires custody should do cleaning rust mission.

Some of the need to dig in the hopper pit concrete mixer, its surrounding pithead should boost compaction, to prevent surface water flows into the pit. At the bottom of the frame on the tracks on the surface of the bearing material shall be compacted or pave the way, the back of the frame can also support and wood, prevent task orbit deformation.

Start the concrete mixer machine, mixing tube feeding upon arrival at normal speed, feeding of water, add a new material, must be completely uninstall the original concrete mixer, midway stop or full load starting mixer is not allowed.