Mixing station weighing device

2013-05-14 10:11:56

Concrete mixing station staff must understand about the concrete batching plants weighing some simple common sense. But details of the basic requirements of the weighing device and the weighing method for commercial concrete mixing station if you know about it? If you do not understand much about it really recognized read the following text, from which you can of commodity concrete mixing plant  has a better understanding of the weighing:

1. The commercial concrete batching plants weighing accuracy. A lot of factors that affect the quality of concrete, but to achieve the mixing ratio of the design (in particular the water-cement ratio) is the key to ensure the quality of the concrete. China's current national standard "concrete mixing plant (floor) technical conditions" (GB10172-88) provides for various materials weighing accuracy, which has higher demand for cement and water weighing accuracy To this end, in addition to improving commercial concrete batching plants weighing device itself accuracy, there should be automatic fall compensation and sand moisture content of compensation.

2. Commercial concrete mixing station weighing rapidly to meet the requirements of the duty cycle of the concrete mixing plant (floor).

3. Commercial concrete batching plants to have that kind of money preselected to transform, to adapt to the concrete mixing plant variety with the needs and capacity.

4. Commercial concrete batching plants weighing device should be simple structure, easy operation, solid and reliable, stable performance.

Commercial concrete batching plants the weighing mode principle is without prejudice to try to save stirred under the premise of the work cycle and weighing accuracy weighing equipment, concrete mixing station will be weighed separately and combined cumulative weighing is more reasonable to use a means has been widely used in domestic commercial concrete mixing station.