Mixing station price factors

2013-12-30 17:29:30

Produced by Zhengzhou Tyco mixing station affordable, excellent quality, unique in the concrete mixing station in the market, and achieved good success. LC cement silo in the industry have sprung up everywhere, so good sales success? Zhengzhou Tektronix Sales Manager, Henan Tyco results today thanks to the following points:

Tyco in the world of construction machinery city - Zhengzhou hinterland, has a unique natural conditions, not only to learn from the advanced technology.
Second, cooperation with universities and research centers, the introduction of state-of-the-art talent technical, and constantly improve the level of equipment manufacturing.
Select mixing station, investment, the library is high. Ton storage investment with traditional concrete batching plants savings compared to 30% -50%. The library rate remained stable at 95%.
Accept orders flexible manufacturing, process layout design optimal solutions for customers, according to the site and customer requirements.
Fifth, high strength: continuous spiral steel silo mixing station undercut five times the thickness of the base material, greatly strengthened the anti-load capacity of the silo.

My company's unique multi-point discharge, multi-corridor discharge technology, to ensure that positions the body smooth, to avoid the phenomenon of blocking positions.

Buy concrete mixing plants not only look at the price, it is more important to choose the regular manufacturers, excellent quality and after-sales service, we believe, Zhengzhou Tyco Machinery is your best choice.