Mixing station control classification

2013-05-24 15:05:24

At present, various forms of domestic station control system of commercial concrete mixing plant suppliers, mainly the following.

The main surface of the 3 control methods: distributed microcomputer control, centralized control, centralized.
Double Microcomputer control. The following were introduced in detail on the three kinds of control system.
Control of distributed microcomputer: this type of control in the early days of the concrete mixing plant design widely
Extensive application. The core of the control system is a programmable controller, a computer only as
Management report printing, function and effects of computer is not obvious. With the development of commodity concrete
Application of concrete, concrete mixing station function more and more complex, this control
The application form is very difficult.

Control and centralized microcomputer II: this type of control computer control and management functions
Focus on one computer, tasks are relatively heavy, to report data and production process
Meter are not synchronized, unable to statistics, measurement of interference by the human factors
Too much. For example: the preparation of metering control program, signal amplifier and A / D board finish
Degree, will affect the measurement accuracy.
Control of dual microcomputer to centralized: this form is solved by the artificial measurement
Hormone disturbance. The special ingredients control instrument, and the production control and management functions
Divided into two computers, no mutual interference, production control and statistical synchronization,
It can also be used as a production management computer backup machine, provided with a computer
The network interface.