mixer installation needs to pay attention to what

2013-05-23 16:55:41

Stationary concrete batching plant  is the first step to safe production, is a very important step, therefore, whether it is from our businesses or from the customer perspective, mixer installation to do fine.
First of all, the hook in lifting submersible mixer, a guide rod and a guide wire should be horizontal and vertical. Thirdly, by adjusting the lifting device of the chain, the diving mixer along the guide rod or a steel wire sliding process, and the lifting hook from the diving mixer gravity powder mixer in the same vertical line. Mixer, a blade shaft in the cylinder or tank rotation, for mixing or kneading substances into the desired consistency machine. The mixer adopts a vertical spiral structure, make the material down somersaults, crisscross motion, thus lacquer mixer to rapidly and uniformly mixed material to the device has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, small occupied area, light weight, low noise, energy saving, convenient loading and unloading, durable, easy maintenance etc.. Dry powder mortar mixer in the mixing of the materials, two rotor drive in the power mechanism, rotating in opposite directions, the blade in the spinning process, driven by material do axial rotation and size of putty powder mixer to rotation. Dry powder mixing material, at the same time the existence of axial and circumferential motion, which exist at the same time, shear mixing and convection diffusion mixing several mixing form. The overlapping area between the two blade design of dry powder mortar mixer mixer, this region, the blade rotates to form staggered shear force, making the material regardless of size, density and shape, will be in the moment of weightlessness, forming a continuous cycle will continue turning movement, to achieve rapid mixing effect.

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