Mixer gas supply failure

2013-05-23 16:48:18

Concrete mixture  plant starting system is a very important condition is very weak, Zhengzhou Taike machinery today to explain the concrete mixing station about fault pump system and solutions.

Compressor fault of concrete mixer empty: check valve is damaged, the piston ring wear serious, inlet valve and the air filter is clogged.

To determine if a check valve is damaged, only in the air compressor automatically stop after ten seconds, turn off the power mixer, moving large tape wheel disc by hand, if can be more easily rotate a week, indicates that the check valve is not damaged; on the contrary, the check valve is damaged;

In addition, also can judge from the exhaust exhaust the automatic pressure switch port, generally in the concrete mixing station air compressor automatic shutdown should stop exhaust in ten seconds later, if has been stopped in the exhaust to air compressor is started again, the non-return valve is damaged, should be replaced.

When the concrete plant for sale air compressor pressure rises slowly and accompanied by string oil phenomenon, show that the piston ring compressor has serious wear, should be promptly replaced.

When the intake valve or the air filter is clogged, also can make the air compressor pressure rises slowly (but not on the phenomenon of oil). When the examination, the palms to the inlet air filter, if the hot air from the top, the air intake valve is damaged, should be replaced; if the suction is smaller, usually caused by dirty air filter, the filter should be cleaned or replaced.

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