Mixer equipment in our country overall quality improvement

2013-09-09 10:12:21

In view of the concrete mixer technical quality problems of the industry, in order to implement the new policy, continuous tracking random mixer products quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, make the product's major changes have taken place in the overall quality level, product quality is stable, step up the structural adjustment. Some of the backbone enterprises in developed countries the introduction of foreign technology, design and manufacture of high quality, high resistance to wear, mixer equipment, it represents the level of industry of our country's mixer. However, this product only accounted for about 10% market share. Wall to change policy in the country on the other hand, a part of the production enterprises to adapt to the requirement of the market, on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, developed by price relatively not suited to the condition of high energy saving, compact equipment, basic performance meets the need of engineering construction in our country, by the market recognition and welcome.

Compared with abroad, mixer production industry in China is poor, late start, had a bigger development in recent years, but in the adaptability of products, complete sets of resistance and wear also has certain disparity and the insufficiency. Should further research and development suited to China's national conditions, match with advanced brick making technology of the new equipment.