Methods of weighing the mixing of concrete

2013-05-20 11:42:35

Concrete mixing plant in the production process, cement, aggregate, water and additive can have separate weighing their, aggregate according to weighing device of its variety and size are independent, the weighing method is called the separate weighing method. Separate weighing method has advantages of high weighing precision, but the weighing hopper is difficult to layout, so that the mixing station weighing device structure is complex, because the cement concrete mixing station currently have a tendency to aggregate into two groups, which is respectively set of coarse aggregate and fine aggregate of two groups of weighing device. This cumulative weighing method widely used. Cement is the cumulative weighing method. The additive can not use cumulative weighing method, so as not to cause chemical changes, so the admixture are generally set up two weighing device. Water can also be the weighing method of cumulative weighing water and recycled water.

Stop using the cumulative weighing method can obtain better effect of concrete mixer. A combined weighing device, which is composed of a cement scale and a sand accumulation scale assembly. Cement scale in the middle, sand weigh hopper package on both sides. Mixing station weighing lever system on concrete, cement and gravel are independent, each weighing and cumulative weighing. Cement weighing bucket and sand weigh hopper discharging gate respectively.

When the concrete mixing station open the discharge gate, cement is sand wrap and discharging into the mixer, the process of wrapping, is equivalent to a mixing, so that can improve the mixing efficiency. The combined weighing device, itself also plays a role in the hopper, so can reduce weighing layer height.