The maintenance points of steel bar cutting machine

2013-07-18 17:09:52

Steel bar cutting machine is a kind of tool of shear reinforcement, and it generally is divided into automatic steel bar cutting machine and semi-automatic steel bar cutting machine. Following is a brief introduction steel bar cutting machine maintenance points?

After work is completed, the tool and the tool should be removed under the debris, keeping the body clean. Check the tightness of bolts and ministries triangle belt tightness; adjustment of fixed and movable blade gap, replace blunt blade.

Every 400 ~ 500 h for regular maintenance, inspection gears, bearings and eccentric body wear, and adjust various parts of the gap.

Site and the period required for lubrication. Eccentric shaft and the gear shaft bearings, motor bearing, connecting rod cap and tool with calcium based grease lubrication, winter grease No. ZG-2, for summer use grease No. ZG-4, the body knife with HG-11 号 cylinder oil lubricated gear with ZG-S No. graphite grease.