How to maintenance concrete mixer?

2013-08-30 11:42:18

Concrete mixer is an indispensable building work, it can work as part of the works is decided. Therefore, the maintenance and repair of concrete mixer is essential.

The following five points above Longding machinery concrete mixers for your total maintenance:

A. Every day before work in the concrete mixer, add water, stirring cylinder idling 1 - to 2min, clutches and brakes also check the reliability.
B. Maintenance of the body's clean, clear the body of dirt and obstructions.
C. Check the lubricating oil and at the circuit and control equipment, as required, add oil.
D. Concrete mixer machine during operation and be ready to listen seized motor reducer, gear noise is normal, the temperature is too high.
E. Concrete mixer at the end of every day, it should be carefully cleaned concrete mixer.