How to maintain drum concrete mixer?

2013-09-27 10:47:15

And people need maintenance to the machine, concrete mixer machine well maintenance, product easier to use and can prolong the service life of concrete mixer. How to maintain drum concrete mixer?

Cylinder concrete mixer is suitable for the environmental temperature for 5 oc - 40 oc, relative humidity of < 90%, constant temperature is the most appropriate, should be placed ventilated, dry and clean place.

Prohibit underage children without authorization the mechanical contact, so as to avoid an accident.
Reducer lubrication adopt oil-immersed, it must keep the oil on the oil line, oil must be kept clean. As often use must be changed every three months a new oil, when changing gear reducer should be cleaned unpick and wash, add new oil.
Mixer, electric control parts should be kept clean, sensitive, found the fault should be timely repair.
A after use or shutdown, should remove the "V" the rest of the material in barrel, residual FenZi brush cleaning machine parts. Such as stop using for a long time, it is necessary to clean all V type mixer, cover with a tarpaulin.
V r when installation should be light, steady, light, in order to avoid damage of deformation.
Regularly check parts, 1 to 2 times a month, check the project for the power shaft, transmission, reducer and so on various activities section is flexible rotation and wear, finding defects should be timely repair, to mix function normal use.