Lower economic growth impact on concrete mixing plant industry

2013-07-19 10:30:16

According to relevant data: gross domestic product growth target this year down to 7.5%, relatively normal for less than 8% for the first time in seven years. Such economic growth targets what influence does not influence the development of domestic concrete mixing plant industry pace?

From the overall, economic growth rates in small increments of transfer is according to the current economic development trend both at home and abroad, and carries on the macroeconomic regulation and control. So what is the rate of economic growth? Economic growth rate is at the end of gross national product (GNP) compared with the base period of gross national product (GNP), at the end of the current price calculated at the end of GNP growth rate is the nominal economic growth, in constant price (base price) at the end of GNP, concluded that the growth rate is the actual growth rate. In measuring economic growth, generally USES the actual economic growth rate, growth rate, also known as economic growth, it is reflect a period of economic development level dynamic change level, also reflects a nation's economy is the basic dynamic index. From this can see the important role of economic growth. Reduced the rate of economic growth from the current view, state is in accordance with the current domestic economic development level of comprehensive national strength of intentional control.

We all know that at present our country's development speed is rapid progress. Countries to cut, for various industries is not necessarily a good thing. Concrete mixing plant industry in the next one to two years will be a turning point. Housing security policy enforcement requires a lot of concrete support, so the concrete batching plant industry is currently the most important thing is to accelerate its construction and innovation so as to meet the new challenges.

Concrete batching plant industry need to speed up its construction and innovation to meet new challenges.