The development analysis of June 2013 machinery industry

2013-07-08 14:37:45

June machinery industry as a whole needs not be a big improvement, and most companies are reflected in the larger environment of macro-economic downturn, companies are also rare to get good benefits. Machine tool enterprises reaction orders fell slightly last year, the pattern of demand remained weak, reflecting sales of construction machinery enterprises in the off-season E relatively stable, in line with expectations.

Construction machinery research enterprise reflects the June sales expected basically. Most companies do not see the industry boom in June apparent change in the basic maintenance of downstream demand season stable situation. Enterprise although I think the situation slightly better than last year, but from the business situation is concerned, is still hovering at the bottom of the stage.

Feedback excavator manufacturers pessimistic than the mid-dealers. Excavators, the mid-dealer survey observed in slightly better than seasonal situations are not reflected in the vendor side. Manufacturers even more pessimistic expected sales this month will be about l0% year on year decline. Number of hours worked, the big dig performance is still poor, some manufacturers have estimated that up to 20% may be around. Bulldozers and cranes sales may also be a certain decline, estimated in the range of -10% or less. Concrete Machinery growth of around 15%, an 30% decline.

New orders for machine tools in general is still far from full: The majority of companies reflects the number of orders in June with the seasonal drop slightly, overall still fell slightly compared with last year, basically consistent with business expectations. In the current market environment withdrawal, companies themselves have not been too optimistic expectations, because from the upstream and downstream sectors, basically did not appear much better.