Introduction of vibration polishing machine

2013-06-26 15:16:49

Vibration polishing machine with a high frequency vibration, the work material and the grinding stone or a ball, closely mixing abrasives, swirling spiral scroll to grind the surface of the cutting or polishing work. Especially those susceptible to deformation or complex shape, hole dead things work using the machine's grinding can obtain uniform quality, but also in the processing operation can be sampled at any time, to save time, improve quality; election materials area with conversion to open gates , filters, etc. can put the mill to be abrasive material and separation, easy choice of materials, simple operation.

Vibration polishing machine features are as follows:

Vibration polishing machine adopts the world's advanced helical rolling flow, three times the vibration theory, the parts and roll each abrasive grinding polishing to achieve the effect.
Vibration polishing machine for large quantities, the small size parts polishing process, improve efficiency 6 to 10 times, cost about 1/3.
Vibratory finishing machine vibration polishing process does not destroy parts of the original size and shape.
Vibratory finishing functions automated, unmanned operation, easy to operate, in the course of their work, they can always spot the machining conditions.
A model of vibratory finishing machine can automatically separate the abrasive and the workpiece, automatic choice of materials, saving labor costs.