Introduction of steel bar cutting machine

2013-07-03 10:55:50

Steel bar cutting machine is a kind of tool of shear reinforcement, and it generally is divided into automatic steel bar cutting machine and semi-automatic steel bar cutting machine. Steel bar cutting machine is of the essential equipment of steel processing, and mainly for housing construction, bridges, tunnels, power plants, large-scale water conservancy project on the steel and Cutting.Steel bar cutting machine and other cutting equipment, compared with a light weight, low energy consumption, reliable operation, high efficiency, so in recent years gradually being machined and small rolling mills, etc. widely used in various fields of national economy played an important role.

Steel bar cutting machines generally have automatic and semi-automatic steel bar cutting machine of the points. Also called electric automatic cutting machine, is converted into kinetic energy by the motor, the control notch cutter to achieve the effect of shear reinforcement. The semi-automatic is manual control incision, thereby performing shear reinforcement operation. At present, more is should belong to the hydraulic steel cutter. Hydraulic rebar cutter is divided into cordless rebar cutter and portable Steel bar cutting machine two categories.