Introduction of polishing machine

2013-06-21 11:11:00

Polishing machine is a power tool, polishing machine from the base, selling, polishing cloth, polishing cover and cover other basic components. Motor is fixed on the base, the fixed drogue polishing with the motor connected to the shaft by means of screws. Polishing cloth fastened through the ferrule polishing disc, motor through power switch on the base after starting, you can by hand pressure applied to the specimen rotating polishing disc for polishing. Added during polishing a polishing liquid can be fixed to the base by means of a plastic tray drain inflow side is placed next to the polishing machine tray. Polished cover and cover to prevent dust and other debris fall on the machine when not in use polishing fabric and affect the results.

Polishing machine is mainly used in the following industries:

Wood, furniture industries such as flat wood, furniture and other artifacts sanding brushed metal handle.
Aluminum metal materials and products and their products, stainless steel products and utensils, copper profiles and products, plumbing and sanitary equipment, locks, lighting products, signs nameplate, metal jewelry, knives, scissors class, door flap, car bicycle parts , tableware, condemnation buckle type products, buttons, belt buckles, cell phone case, the watch industry and other parts of sanding drawing; electronic parts, electronic equipment, such as electronic parts, sanding drawing.
Can be used for mobile phone shell, MP3, digital products, notebook computers, PC board drawing and so on.