Introduction of concrete mixer

2013-07-05 11:17:06

Concrete mixer is to cement, sand and gravel aggregates and water are mixed and mixed into the concrete mix machinery. Concrete mixer is made up of mainly by the mixing drum, feeding and discharging mechanism, water systems, the prime mover, transmission, chassis and supporting devices and other components.

Including through concrete mixer shaft drive mechanism connected with the power sector and driven by the drive mechanism of the drum, the drum cylinder barrel tops around the drum set ring gear, ring gear shaft is provided with a gear. The simple structure, reasonable, and the use of gear, ring gear, it can effectively overcome the rain and fog weather, roller and blenders slippage between the rollers; transmission mechanism can be used to further ensure the elimination between the roller and the drum mixer slip phenomenon.

According to the nature of work, concrete mixer is divided into intermittent and continuous concrete mixer; by mixing principle of self-loading and compulsory concrete mixer; according to the installation of fixed and mobile; according to the feeding method of tipping and non-tipping type; structure by mixing drum sub pear type, drum cartridge, double cone, disc vertical axis and horizontal axis circular groove and so on.