Concrete mixing plant ingredients system protection

2013-09-28 10:48:13

When in the production of concrete mixing plant in the batching system functions well ensure the normal operation of production directly, but also for the ratio of raw material and use, has good processing. So it can greatly reduce the operator's work, and can guarantee the quality of concrete mixing plant equipment.

But in the process of production, how to better protect the batching system of concrete batching plant?

Firstly for the processing of raw materials is very important, when the raw material into the batching system of concrete mixing plant, large particles of raw materials must be filter in advance, so as not to destroy the batching system of concrete batching plant.

In concrete mixing plant in production process, the path of the incoming surge through power lines, telephone lines or other overhead lines control cabinet, power supply neutral point. Humidity sensor and the weighing sensor analog input ground to the cabinet, and humidity sensor or weighing sensor, it jumps insulation and reason, through the framework of the factory.

From power surge protection ingredients system solution is simple and effective, plant frame controller cabinet with thick ground wire as short as possible, minimize the between the two, and reduce the risk of blow through insulation voltage sensor or strain sensors may appear. If there is a serious problem, it also helps the isolation transformer is equal to the input and output voltage controller of power supply cord before.