I plant concrete mixer advantage

2013-05-29 10:40:47

I plant concrete mixer low carbon and environmental protection:

All concrete mixer add the powder materials, from the materials, ingredients, measuring, mixing of the materials are fed in a closed state. Floor mounted mixing stations and fully enclosed structure of aggregate belt conveyor, which greatly reduces the dust and noise pollution to the environment.

Small concrete mixer
transitions easy installation:
The overall structure is modular. Concrete Batching Plant, belt conveyor, mixing the main building, screw conveyor and powder cans are independent structures. The main building consists of several separate mixing modules. Transitions when disassembly, quick to install, easy to transport, fast. And furnished with a variety of forms to meet the needs of different venues.

I plant supporting control system performance:
The use of industrial control computer, 1 / O acquisition and precision weighing system, according to the concrete production process and quality requirements, through the control software for data acquisition and production of automatic control and real-time recording production data, use data management can query / print a variety of production reports. System hardware configuration scientific, rational selection of procurement principles adhere to globalization, world-class brand products as the main selection ranges. Overall system stability, powerful, easy to operate;

I plant mixer software main features:
An automatic continuous production function, thereby increasing productivity.
2, batch number and the total disk capacity disk power can be automatically converted to reduce the workload and the possibility of misuse
3, automatically fill that automatically adjusts automatically deducted known material parameters and functions, improve the accuracy of dosing.
4, automatic moisture content conversion capabilities.