A brief introduction HZS120 concrete batching plant

2013-09-13 10:04:09

HZS120 concrete batching plant equipment machine adopts JS2000 (JS2000B)-type twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer, mixing good quality and high efficiency.

For HZS120 concrete batching plant equipment structures as outlined below:
Aggregate batching machine using PLD3200-type ingredients, measurement accuracy, high production efficiency.
Cement, water, liquid admixture of the ingredients are measured using electronic scales, batching accuracy.
Pressurized water system using pumps principle, so that the water flow speed, spray evenly.
Aggregate charging using conveyor, long life, high efficiency.
Electrical control system the main components are all imported, reliable performance, easy operation, a print function, with air conditioning.
HZS120 concrete batching plant equipment all materials are used independent measurement scales, a scale a table to improve the measurement accuracy.
Aggregate concrete batching plant equipment used to enhance the belt, hanging outside deceleration mechanism running smoothly, powerful, easy to maintain.