How to operate compulsory concrete mixer

2013-05-08 14:10:18

1,Compulsory concrete mixer first check before the start of the rotating part of the barrel scratching, scratching, if any, should be timely adjusted.

2, The gear box should be injected into the oil before use, should be injected into the oil discharge worm gear and the sliding bearing.

3, Concrete mixing plant clean the barrel miscellaneous materials, locking cylinder limit device, and then start the machine, such as the start and found to not meet the requirements of the direction of rotation should be promptly cut off the power wire any two phase lines are reversed , and then restart.

4, The concrete mixture into the cylinder, close the cylinder cover, according to the mixing time to adjust the timing of the time relay.

5, Press the start button, the spindle will be driven the Spatula operation, auto-stop after a set time.

6, Discharge shut down, and then the material position restricted by the handle to loosen, then rotate the hand wheel, driven by the worm wheel cylinder is rotated to facilitate the discharge position, stop turning, and then start the machine spindle running before discharge of materials, until the material drained stop the spindle running, turning the handwheel so that the material cylinder reset.

7, Cleaning the barrel, barrel clean residual material or sand cleaning can also be spindle running water to the barrel.