How to install multiple curved surface of concrete mixing station

2013-05-24 15:18:22

In the concrete mixture plant installation process, should pay attention to the following points:

1, mixing station bridge must be corrected level, half-bridge frame column should be corrected vertical, anchor bolts and connecting parts must be solid and reliable;

2, the shock absorbing seat on the bridge set position, correction level and the bridge of connecting and fixing;

3, gear motor mounted on the base of the above, and it will be fixed;

4, the impeller and the stirring shaft flange connected by a bolt and a fastening;

5, the impeller and the stirring shaft into the pool, the stirring shaft and the output shaft of the speed reducer connection and fastening, be first shaft and the impeller is connected into the water below the water, so the shaft is connected with a speed reducer;

6, multiple surface mixer after the installation, the stirring shaft must be vertical and horizontal plane;

7, after installation is complete, remove the motor end cover, blades rotating fan by hand, checking surface of mixer operation is flexible and normal.

8, the power supply is switched on, dynamic observation of stirring shaft rotation direction, looking down from the counterclockwise rotation of the right to. If not, any 2 power supply wiring can change the position of;

Must operate in accordance with the relevant state regulations and safety rules 9, concrete mixing plant for sale  installation of electrical equipment.