How to handle the concrete mixing plant

2013-05-20 11:45:45

With the rapid development of domestic building materials, cement concrete is used more and more widely, it is the deepening of the demand of wall materials, the Ministry of construction is expressly results. Station equipment as the main equipment for the production of cement concrete mixing concrete, how to do the green environmental protection concept to improve the concrete mixing plant? Because the concrete raw material basically is the pollution of the environment, cause the arch-criminal of land loss, the main raw material for concrete with fly ash, slag, coal gangue, shale, sand clay, these are all can cause damage to the environment of raw materials.

Stations use how to deal well with the concrete mixing, because most of these materials are the legacy of industrial waste residue, it is easy to cause water pollution indirect impact on human's life, how can we make better use of concrete mixing station make good use of it is also very important.