How to choose the tamping rammer?

2013-06-28 11:11:55

The tamping rammer is applied for construction, ground, courtyard, roadbed, bridge piles, trenches, wild, narrow construction sites and other environmental capable of performing medium-sized machinery can not complete construction tasks. The product has advanced design, compact structure, stable performance, solid force, flexible operation, safe, wide, high efficiency, but the hammer area is limited, therefore not suitable for large-scale earthworks compaction operations. For sand, gravel need to be another optional vibrating tamping tamping machine. So how do you choose the tamping rammer?

Select the tamping rammer, one look at the machine itself, the second is to look at dealer.

Machine itself mainly to see the performance, quality. The dealers mainly to see the price, service.
The performance of the machine is to see the exciting force. The tamping rammer are now mainstream internal combustion-powered, electric rammer compactor with a frog base has been eliminated. The tamping rammer exciting force greater the more construction quality assurance, construction speed is faster. Now qualified rammer exciting force was at least more than 1 ton.
Mainly to see the quality of the machine power systems and excitation system durability. These parts are used throughout the tamping rammer whether the normal key. These sites have a lot of precision parts, their processing and use of materials is excellent, directly determines their durability.

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