How to choose the rammer

2013-05-21 15:11:48

Impact compaction of cohesive soils better rammer is suitable for the construction of the construction, ground, courtyard, roadbed, bridge piles, trenches, wild, narrow space environment capable of large and medium-sized mechanical unable to complete the construction task. The product has a state-of-the-art design, compact structure, stable performance, reinforce the force, flexible operation, safe to use and adapt to a wide range of high efficiency. Rammer area is limited, it is not appropriate for a large area of ​​earth compaction operations. Sand, gravel, a separate selection of vibration tamping machine to be tamping.

How to choose the rammer:

Select rammer, one look at the machine itself, the second is to look at dealer.

The machine itself mainly to see the performance, quality. Dealers mainly to see the price, service.
The performance of the machine is to see the exciting force. Rammer are mainstream internal combustion-powered, electric rammer and frog engine rammer has basically been eliminated. Centrifugal force greater the rammer, construction quality assurance, construction speed is also faster. Qualified rammer exciting force at least more than 1 ton.
The quality of the machine is mainly to see the power systems and excitation system durability. These parts is the normal use of the entire rammer. These areas have a lot of precision parts, their process and materials used sophisticated, directly determines their durability.