How to choose concrete mixing plant?

2013-07-15 17:34:19

Concrete mixing plant concrete works commonly used in large, long duration, site concentration of large and medium-sized water conservancy, electricity, bridges and other projects. So how do you choose the right concrete mixing plant it?

Construction of concrete performance label. By the performance of concrete labels to choose what kind of mixing console, such as water conservancy projects must use force mixing console. In addition, also according to the type of material can be mixed concrete batching plant and silos optional.

Construction of concrete tasks quantity and duration. Use this parameter to select the two specifications with much mixing station. The total volume of concrete task set M; concrete pouring days for T; daily working hours is H; utilization factor of K, the specification should be used mixing station X = M / (T * H * K), where K is a 0.7-0.9. Should also be considered in the selection of the finished concrete transport situation. Such as: direct pumping or transport vehicle. The volume transport vehicle is an important decision Batching basis.

Construction environment and construction objects. In purchasing concrete batching plant, construction of objects, and should fully consider the environmental impact of construction to ensure the smooth construction and construction quality. In the following cases we recommend that you prepared.

When the site needs a large amount of disposable casting, high quality requirements, and no reinforcements near the mixing station, the best choice of two specifications of smaller concrete mixing plant, or choose a main one of the two aircraft preparation.