High-speed gasoline rammer is used in the military

2013-12-30 17:33:42

Domestic forces were equipped with medium-speed earthmoving machinery and small equipment vibratory tamping rammer only the loose earth and engineering jobs, can not fully adapt to build a modern acute-made ​​military road, field fortifications and quick fixes transport lines. E-Series high-speed petrol compactor with a number of patented technologies, can be installed on loaders and other mobile equipment, thick layer of fill after compaction density of more than 95%, significantly improve road compression shear strength, heavy-duty fleet can safety through higher speed.

The Tektronix machinery is a technology-oriented enterprises, with to enjoy government allowance of the State Council, China Machinery Industry Technology experts, China's high-speed gasoline tamping rammer inventor impact roller inventor, senior engineer R & D team in China. Compactor, impact rollers, hydraulic vibratory compactor (exciter), pile fixtures and many other useful patented technology.