The uses and advantages of gasoline plate compactor

2013-07-10 10:32:02

Gasoline plate compactor, absorption, digestion domestic advanced technology design, small size, light weight, solid capacity, high production efficiency, welt good performance, flexible operation, easy safety and reliability features, compared with use of Mubian frog rammer , fire rammer, plate compactor has the advantage of Gondor.

Gasoline plate compactor is widely used in highway, municipal, railway engineering embankment, slope compaction and maintenance, but also for bridges, reservoirs, dams and various engineering foundation trench compaction, culverts, interior, gardens and other narrow ground construction. Not only to reinforce the sand, gravel, clay, but also on the asphalt pavement compaction.

Gasoline plate compactor has the following six advantages:

Stroke adjustable, compaction of soils and asphalt.
Large enclosed air filter system, easy to clean, the engine to be easily damaged.
A special muffler cover plate can reduce engine noise generated and passed to the operator.
Shock type guiding handle reduces operator fatigue.
Ductile iron plate has a longer service life.
Fully sealed, splash lubrication shock system ensures reliable lubrication components.