Gasoline plate compactor road maintenance

2013-05-13 14:17:04

After gasoline plate compactor minor repairs of the road should always conservation, in order to use a longer period of time, Zhengzhou Tektronix machinery to welcome you to visit our website.

First, the road maintenance
1. Timely removal of road sludge, dust, debris, and to keep the road clean and tidy.
2. the timely removal of surface water, dry pavement.
3. Timely removal of pavement snow, water, sand, the maintained road traffic smooth.
4. Gravel road evenness, rut repair, repair pits, local Add the wear layer.

Second, the road minor repairs
1. Timely processing pits of asphalt pavement, loose, subsidence, jumping, cracks, and Frothing local disease.
2. the repair cement concrete pavement edge seams and plug cracks, local processing and adjustment flatness.

The local processing gravel road tympanites, deformation Add stable material, the entire repair the wear layer or sweep pulp sanding.