The flexibility of steel bar straightening and cutting machine

2013-09-03 10:27:41

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine bending hoop machine, extension units composite stirrups production line, can play a greater role in the construction production. Domestic good quality steel bar straightening machine, basic no scratch after straightening steel surface, good straightness, longitudinal diameter not twist, strength loss is small, with the features of easy operation, easy to adjust, blanking is simple, high production efficiency, etc.

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine has reasonable structure, convenient and safe and reliable operation etc., applicable to the cages, rabbit cage, construction, all kinds of wire mesh, wire plug truncation and shule plate special-shaped wire mesh with straightening.

This machine structure is changed from high speed rotor rotation Angle of straight wire, straightening effect, and then through the past wire wheel forward where that wire. Reach the required size, silk touch after positioning key push forward the runway into 5 mm, shred the punch pin shaft above the knife immediately cut, wire through vertical wire clamp pressure openings bearing on the knife, wire will automatically fall to wire racks, if you want to change the length, mobile positioning keys.

From the above we can see that reinforced straightening cutting machine itself has flexibility, operational flexibility, too.