Five strategies of concrete mixing station

2013-05-16 15:35:02

After years of rapid development, the overall size of machinery industry in China has ranked first in the world, but the influences of independent innovation is weak, the characteristics of China's machinery industry "big but not strong" the obvious. Therefore, proposed by China Machinery Industry Federation organized the preparation, mechanical industry to implement the five development strategies, to accelerate the realization of the machinery industry "from big to strong". Forward planning, machinery industry according to the "General requirements for the main high-end, driving innovation, strengthen the foundation, the integration of the two, green for the first", and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of development, accelerate the realization of the strategic goals of entire industry "from big to strong".

According to the overall planning of the concrete mixing plant industry how to do it, as the concrete mixing stations, production of professional manufacturers, Lianhua machinery first embarks from the reality to improve equipment production technology, the main high-end, in the introduction of advanced production technology and in the development of new technology continues to increase the. At the same time, strengthen the construction of industry innovation system, strengthening the cultivation of innovative talents and the innovation ability. Equipment from the distribution play host and parts industry should play their respective advantages, mutual support and cooperation, to promote the. The positive development of energy efficient products, vigorously develop new energy equipment, the high efficiency, low pollution as the primary goal of our development of concrete mixing station.