Fault diagnosis of vibration compactor

2013-07-12 18:14:56

Vibration compactor is to use its own gravity and vibration compaction variety of building and road construction materials. vibration compactor in the course of action is often not a fault occurs, then how to diagnose this failure vibration compactor it?

Check the vibration compactor engine and hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and drive wheels connecting parts for mechanical failure; checking drive motor mounted on the front of the bypass valve is in the connected state, and if so, high and low pressure oil chamber will be connected.

Check the vibration compactor braking system. Normal operation of the engine, the solenoid valve is energized, whether the brake disengaged, if not off, you should check whether there is mechanical failure, if not, can be dragged way to make brake release the brake (hand pump handle counterclockwise rotation ), do the following checks.

Check the main circuit hydraulic system running high pressure and charge pressure. In two high pressure ports each connected to 60MPa hydraulic table, pick up the oil pressure gauge port 4MPa the oil pressure gauge and test machine. At normal temperature (30 ~ 60 ℃), charge pressure of approximately 2? 6MPa, walking machine is not less than 24MPa; resistance encountered when walking the main circuit when the maximum pressure can reach 38MPa, normal walking is not less than 20MPa. If both are normal, indicating a fault in the mechanical aspects.