The regular maintenance of electric plate compactor

2013-08-01 10:54:24

Bulky machinery, safe operation is very important, even more important maintenance idle period. "Raising emphasis on governance" is a proven truth, electric plate compactor, small size, easy to operate, still implementing the "raising emphasis on governance," the idea to do regular maintenance.

Electric plate compactor electrically controlled devices and the correct operation of the accelerator:
Turn on the power lock switch.
Select the running direction, turn direction switch.
Relax hand brake, slowly depress the accelerator pedal, the vehicle starts to run.

Regular maintenance of electric plate compactor:
Check the contactor contacts between the contact is good, with or without adhesions, dust should always clear.
Check the accelerator switch is turned on and off performance is good; checking direction switch on, off performance is good.
Check the motor, battery and electric control connection between good condition.

Reminder: should be checked in case of power failure. Above inspection at least once every three months, should not wash with water electrical parts, you can use a brush or high pressure gas to dust.