Steel bar cutting machine domestic developments

2013-09-02 11:30:57

Steel bar cutting machine is often used in the construction industry, but also in the steel industry, and steel bar cutting machine is one of the essential equipment. How is domestic developments situation of steel bar cutting machine?

As is known to all, the technology level of our country to be promoted, so is on the steel bar cutting machine. Due to the low technical content, easy to be fake, so the profit space is very small. Manufacturer is hard to move forward, so compared with abroad, the domestic steel bar cutting machine has the following disadvantages.

First is the distance of eccentric shaft, because the technology is not mature, so eccentric distance. But as long as the knife pad or change the blade when using, again plus transformation point of view, got the good solution on this issue.

Followed by the reinforcing steel cutter frame welded structure, with foreign USES the steel plate welded structure, so in terms of accuracy, load bearing, wear are better than domestic. But the domestic is no problem in use.

Again is the design of the reinforcing steel cutter blades, due to the unreasonable, so the blade in such aspects as the stress and life are slightly less in the foreign countries, and cutting fewer times per minute. Although the efficiency to be improved, but also can meet the needs of the daily work.

Finally, overall, the appearance quality of steel bar cutting machine, the machine performance. But with the development of technology, increase investment, the appearance quality of steel bar cutting machine, the overall performance would be increased.