Comparison of domestic and foreign steel bar cutting machine

2013-07-03 10:59:17

As low-tech steel bar cutting machine is easy to copy, and profits are higher reason, manufacturers basically maintain the status quo for decades, the development of fast, compared with foreign counterparts Specifically the following aspects gap.

Foreign steel bar cutting machine eccentric shaft eccentricity is large, such as Japan, vertical cutting machine eccentricity 24mm, while the domestic is usually 17mm. Appears and material, some small gear structure, but bring trouble to the user, easy to manage. Because large expected cut by cutting small material, the pad is not a tool to change the blade, and sometimes need to convert the angle.

Foreign steel bar cutting machine frame is welded steel structures, parts machining accuracy, roughness particular excellent heat treatment process, the cutting machine to withstand excessive load, fatigue failure, wear, etc. are more than made machines.

Domestic steel cutter blade design is unreasonable, single bolt, blade thickness is thin enough, 40-and 50-type blade thickness are 17mm; while abroad are double-bolted, 25 ~ 27mm thick, so foreign force and blade life other than domestic consolidated performance are excellent.

Domestic steel bar cutting machine cutting fewer per minute. China is generally 28 to 31 times higher than abroad to 15 to 20 times, 30 times higher than the highest, high work efficiency.

Foreign steel bar cutting machine generally use semi-open structure, gears, bearings with grease lubrication, crank shaft, connecting rod, red knife, twist at hand dilute oil lubrication. Domestic model structure fully open, fully closed, half open half closed three kinds, have centralized lubrication oil lubrication and splash lubrication two kinds.

Appearance quality domestic steel bar cutting machine, machine performance unsatisfactory; foreign manufacturers are generally scale production, willing to invest in technology and equipment, automated production level is higher, the formation of a complete set of quality assurance processing system. Especially for appearance quality is excellence, disposable cover stamping, paint by spraying paint, color matching scientific and reasonable, there is not much the outside welds, burrs, sharp corners, the whole smooth appearance. And although some domestic manufacturers produce a longer history, but no one scale, coupled with aging equipment, processing fight physical, experience, production processes consistent system for decades, so the appearance of quality rough, perception is poor.