The current state of development of the steel bending machine

2013-05-09 10:48:56

Steel bending machine in a variety of construction projects, a large number of recent domestic steel bending machine production, use, showing a trend of rapid growth, its transmission program are mainly two kinds, namely "band - two gears - worm drive and with - three gear, which is more common with - two gears - worm drive "program bending machine production, application and market share. With the gradual increase in the required processing curved steel size the continuous improvement of the technical performance of steel, found in the use bend without moving or serious motor heating phenomenon.

In theory, you can increase the power of the drive motor to solve such problems, but this will increase the cost of production and use of the product, design and production of cost-effective quality steel bending machine has been a goal of the manufacturer.

Domestic design workers early this issue twelve in the study, but the relevant literature investigation of reinforced bending deformation of the size of the required power, without involving the transmission scheme and its impact has not been seen abroad this problem reported. proposed steel bending machine transmission scheme from the transmission efficiency, driving accuracy analysis, pointed out that the two transmission schemes significant difference in transmission efficiency, driving accuracy and choose to use the principle of occasions, and propose a transmission scheme improvement ideas, so that the majority of users to better select the desired model, but also conducive to the manufacturer designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the market, and promote further improve the level of domestic steel bending machine design, production, use.