The development history of concrete mixer

2013-07-24 11:04:24

Concrete mixer presence known to the world for many years past, the earliest concrete mixer was now the early 20th century, when the sub is the use of steam as a driving force to work and produce abetting mixer. 1950 Going forward, there are numerous concrete mixers have been developed, reverse transition and non-horizontal mixer as well as other types of representative product of this era, later divided into self-loading concrete mixer and a strong mix formula.

Self-loading concrete mixer mixing power from the leaves, which are arranged in the cylinder wall above. Produced during the mission after midnight, the horizontal axis of the drum as a reference for the directional change in the transformation process we gradually work sideways inside the network involved in a mixture of these mixtures by leaves and then was thrown to the high altitude, and then repeat the operation in a few repetitions, the mixture can be relatively uniform mixing together. Self-loading concrete mixer episodes purpose is to make the plastic concrete integration even better, so that the project to establish the quality of progress.

Strong mix mixer is independently developed after 1950 the product of the product, than self-loading appears to be late, but expanded faster than the self-loading, the first strong mix concrete mixer known as the vertical axis round style. After the era of the 1870s, followed by fine gravel with other substances in the construction work of the promotion and use, and then in order to meet the needs of production appeared circular groove horizontal shaft forced mixer, this machine has a single-axis and multi-axis, single-axis can instead of self-loading mixer, multi-axis can replace the strong mix mixer, such machines appear to meet, self-loading with a strong mix formula can also occur situation. This machine blades moving slower, but more secure, use a longer time and also very save electricity, the construction of such a machine in today's work also has a good use inside. Raw materials in the production of concrete changes and gradually become more and more environmentally friendly construction site after midnight, concrete mixer appeared more forward many members, such as relying on the magnetic driving force behind the huge supply of super-critical speed mixer for mixing and manipulation of acoustic sound waves mixer, but do not rely on the blade needs to be mixed shake shaking mixer.

Concrete mixer expand faster and faster, adapt to the construction of thousands of mission work begged, in this regard, various companies are also done in parallel with the expansion era, has developed a variety of concrete mixers, the company also launched, also for other work to bring a new impetus and technical support.