The develop new ideas of concrete mixing plant industry

2013-07-19 10:35:52

The develop new ideas of concrete mixing plant industry is the development of industrial clusters.

Concrete mixing plant cluster development has the advantage, through sound service system and strive to foster the development of industry associations, improve and develop services and social intermediary organizations to build a complete set of talent, labor, capital, information, technology and other services for key support system of industrial clusters to promote the growth of concrete mixing station industry and growth.

About concrete batching plant equipment industry cluster development proposal: to strengthen the industrial cluster planning, scientific propulsion machinery manufacturing industry, intensive and sustainable development; development in the industry insist on two drives: the endogenous both corporate culture and investment . By strengthening endogenous enterprise property right system reform, according to industry development, and accelerate the transformation of its connotation, expansion and extension of production capacity; introduction of new technologies, new processes, so that production capacity and industrial clustering effect further enhanced. Guide enterprises by optimizing product mix, energy saving and other measures to further enhance the core competitiveness. In strengthening the investment side, machinery manufacturing and industrial facilities around the project, based on "good big high outside", and actively introduce and cultivate relationships, driving strong business. In the expanding industrial scale adherence to the "big catch" "living small" while optimizing the environment for the development of industrial clusters.