The core technology of tamping rammer

2013-07-02 16:23:12

The core technology of tamping rammer is mainly reflected in three aspects:

Engines. Because tamping rammer is a high-frequency vibration compaction equipment, poor working conditions, the engine vibration resistance requirements are particularly high, there must be a strong anti-vibration rammer special engine to match. As a source of power tamping rammer, general motors, gasoline engines earthquake resistance are poor, life will be very short. Currently the most dedicated rammer engine is Honda GX100, GX120 and Robin EH12 series petrol engine, the engine's wide range of applications, spare parts supply over a broad area.

Shock springs. The tamping rammer on the impact spring demanding, requiring spring steel with high fatigue strength, yield loss of elasticity or easy fatigue or broken, the current electric tamping rammer because of cost considerations, the majority of ordinary spring material spring steel, and only a single set of springs, so I decided to electric shocks ram impact and frequency is not high, and spring break easily.

Balancing design. The tamping rammer movement is mainly vertical high-frequency linear reciprocating motion, while the machine height is higher, so the whole machine balancing demanding, and requires specially designed and tested for dynamic balance, otherwise the machine will beat unstable and difficult to control greatly increase the operator's labor intensity.