China's construction machinery market situation

2013-08-15 11:15:53

Macroeconomic steady growth this year, construction machinery market demand slight signs of growth, but in the second half the market situation is still not optimistic. Most companies reflects off-season market has stabilized, an improvement in the data although there will be some, but the market is expected to be more cautious, manufacturers generally considered the situation in the second half does not have much improved.

China Machinery Industry Federation recently released a report that this year, running machinery industry continued weak recovery trend since last year, but by rising costs and excess capacity and other factors, the industry still untold significantly improved. Year is expected to continue to show a moderate recovery trend. In the economic environment is more complex, industry operating situation is more grim backdrop, foreign trade exports of machinery industry is also very grim situation, the cumulative export growth continued to drop. January to June, total exports amounted to $ 175.3 billion, an increase of 1.51 percent, the growth rate fell 7.76 percentage points over the beginning, over the same period the national export growth rate of 8.89 percentage points lower. From the same month, the first half of the month for three months exports fell, 6-month, exports amounted to 29.9 billion U.S. dollars, down 4.63 percent, a decline compared to expand 2.62 percent in May.

Since March 2011 until the end of July 2013, China's construction machinery industry has been going on for 27 months running sluggish. This habit over the years grew 30 percent of the industry, some companies grew 100% is also not uncommon industry, is currently facing a severe test of the market, production and management more difficult. But from another perspective, which is the market Forced enterprises to speed up the transfer mode, adjust the structure of a good time. Down the growth rate in the market circumstances, construction machinery enterprises in order to achieve sustainable and healthy development, we must increase the scale shift of intensive development, hard skills, speed upgrades, really put the focus to enhance the development of quality and efficiency .