The water retention of concrete

2013-09-23 10:15:32

The water retention of concrete for concrete whole quality is very important. The water retention of concrete mixture is to point to in the process of forming, line must have water retention, does not have severe bleeding phenomenon. Exudation refers to solid component in mixture is sinking, water upward migration, make concrete surface layer on the water too much, the formation of surface layer porous structure, make the quality of concrete is affected.

In the process of moisture migration upward, easy in the coarse aggregate or reinforced by surface together to form a cohesive force of poor areas. After hardening, due to water evaporation and form interface, this not only can reduce the strength of concrete, but also can make the impermeability of concrete such as bad performance.

Temperature workability of concrete mixture is comprehensive performance that the workability of appropriate drain blend, not only should have enough flow ratio but also should have good adhesiveness and water retention.

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