The rise in commodity concrete production machinery space is large

2013-09-09 10:06:40

For the implementation of "engineering machinery twelfth five-year development plan" put forward by the outline of the goal, to fundamentally change the engineering mechanical engine by key technology and main components depend on, break the bottleneck restricting the development of construction machinery in the future. Led by citic department, engineering machinery association, combining enterprise jointly increase the research of key technology and important components, solid foundation for the long-term stability of engineering machinery development. As the downstream of the engineering machinery industry concrete mixing plant equipment also is closely related to the development of engineering machinery, looking to the future development trend of the station, affected by the macroeconomic regulation and control of market demand may be slowing. But during the "twelfth five-year" affordable housing construction, the development and construction of the west, late HSR project under construction, and water conservancy construction investment, investment construction engineering, municipal engineering and commuter trains will continue, some project also is expected to expand the scale of investment. Each enterprise investment decision of concrete machinery, is also closely looked at this time the rare opportunity of development.

In the engineering construction, many are mixing concrete at the scene, a crane or artificial way. There are several problems: one is the efficiency is not high, the second is the construction quality is poorer, and use a lot of artificial, the key problem is that the damage to the surrounding environment is. So now Beijing, Shanghai and other cities are requested not to field mixing concrete, in relatively slant a bit need to build a commercial concrete mixing concrete, with the concrete mixing transporter transported to the site, with a drag handlebar concrete pump or pump up again. Also is to use a lot of machines. This is a high efficiency, and the second is high quality, and can replace a lot of artificial. Real estate developers is time limit for a project hope more short more good, can accelerate the capital turnover. So this change in the way of a construction leads to mechanical massive increase in demand. China's rate of commercial concrete proportion is low, there is room to improve. Commercial concrete to double, the corresponding production and processing equipment demand would be doubled, which in turn drives the mixing station demand increase.