Concrete mixing station of the road maintenance

2013-05-23 16:08:15

There is plenty of equipment needed for maintenance and maintenance, some large mechanical equipment maintenance when there are still seasons. In the summer and winter maintenance maintenance of the road is not the same. Standing in the winter time to how to maintain the concrete mixing plant, how can in the cold season, the safe and normal operation. Henan Engineering Group to tell you in the winter maintenance of equipment.

Because of the relationship between the season. After running in the concrete mixing station, the operator is the need for mixing tank wall equipment and dust, discharging port, the stirring shaft and remove residues on material door removal work after work that day Gini coefficient, the water can be used to the real in flushing, if if necessary, can be put in a few stones and water mixing put out in ten minutes. With water washing, additional agent box and supply system. These are everyday after operation play need to do. In the winter of good will need after the operation of equipment is needed to put as much as the pump, pump, water tank, additive agent tank inside the water and residue, in this cold season for damage to the pump and pipeline, additive pump also need to start the pump running for a minute or so, cover the shame is the winter small concrete mixer the maintenance of the road station. Standing in the winter if you don't use it every instrument construction equipment need weekly must boot two concrete mixing, and each time takes half an hour. This prevents the winter concrete mixing station is not used for a long time and cause frostbite, or will not boot phenomenon