Concrete mixing plant unloading water you know

2013-05-14 09:57:46

Water is an important and indispensable component of concrete manufacturing systems. Play a combined aggregate in the concrete mixing process, strengthen the role of aggregate stirring intensity, the amount of water in the concrete production process is accurate and up-to-add process is reasonable will be a significant impact on the quality of the concrete. Each concrete mixing plant  should be reasonable and effective planning and deviation adjustment weighing of ingredients and water in advance, to reach the
desired effect.

Compulsory concrete mixer commonly used removable water generally two types: high-pressure unloading water, atmospheric water unloading, through our long-term production and operating practices summed up their advantages and disadvantages, unloading the strengths and weaknesses of the water following the high-pressure concrete mixing station comparative analysis:

Mixing station high pressure unloading water:

Said water from the water bucket out into the mixer through a pump before the water pressure into the mixer. Water is pressurized and then through a special nozzle can be formed in the mixer cover high-pressure water curtain. Reference unloading of water, a reasonable selection of the pump, can effectively control water unloading time. It also can be used with the appropriate nozzle orientation play a role in reducing the mixer cap dust and cleaning the mixer shaft. Commonly used in this way for most of the existing concrete mixing plant.