Concrete mixer with stable quality to win good market opportunities

2013-09-24 10:55:21

Now according to the country for large engineering construction and adjustment and the requirement of the transformation and upgrading, to grasp the opportunity, at all levels, and to carry out the innovation of equipment upgrade from JZC concrete mixer products to create a more efficient, high quality of mechanical equipment.

From the current economic situation analysis, it is not just big engineering units in the use of concrete mixer, concrete mixing plant, equipment and so on many of the mineral resources of live to see the recycling also began to use these devices to enhance the mine production rates, especially in the coal, copper, zinc and other mining mechanization has been enhanced greatly, can sell to some engineering units to produce concrete, and concrete quality is also very good. This machine structure is novel, has high production efficiency, mixing of good quality, the advantages of light weight, beautiful appearance, is a kind of more advanced models. Machine by mixing, feeding mechanism, water supply system, chassis and electrical and other 13 parts. Concrete mixer machine by mixing drum, roller, and the transmission system, etc.

In order to meet the requirements of different customers, mixing barrel is working parts of the mixer, mixing barrel for double cone, cylinder body with two pairs of blade, welded cross to decorate, also mix cylinder axis with a certain Angle, respectively, mixing drum rotates, blade in the promotion material drop at the same time, also make the material shaft HuiCuan move, always so stirring movement is strong, and carry the fuselage unique thin oil lubrication system, greatly improve the service life of equipment.

The rapid development of economy led to a lot of project construction, and in more and requires a lot of material can be as in the production of concrete additives, we have the confidence to lead the r&d team of the company actively to innovation to improve the construction equipment industry, the development and production of concrete mixer, crushing screening equipment high technical content, has been widely used in various fields, for the user to bring good benefits.